Your Jewelry Experts



Owner, Gemologist

Dana grew up in a family that owned a Gem and Mineral Business and he has always had a fascination and passion for gems and rocks. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Dana moved to Brazil and began work as a Gem Importer while also working in a Diamond Mining Operation. Other jewelers travel to the Twin-Cities to come to Dana for his extensive and wide-ranging knowledge of stones... He’s kinda a big deal.

- The University of Minnesota G.I.A Gemologist

- Certified member of the American Gem Trade Association (A.G.T.A)



Owner, Jeweler

Growing up, Annie's grandma would take her into a beautiful jewelry store on Madison Avenue in Indianapolis, and at about eight-years-old, Annie found her love for jewelry and gemstones. The sweet woman there would always take the jewelry out to show her. According to Annie, "I LOVED it, I swore I’d work in a jewelry store when I grew up and I got my first job in a jewelry store at age 16". She also worked for an International Diamond and Gemstone Wholesaler in Minneapolis. No school learning, just life. Annie has been with Elequent Jewelry Inc. since 1994. She is our Resident Diamond Expert and holds a prestigious Graduate Gemologist qualification that makes her uniquely qualified to answer all your questions. 

- Certified member of the American Gem Trade Association (A.G.T.A)

- Certified member of the Women's Jewelry Association (W.J.A)



Store Mascot

Daisy or "Daisy Doodle" is our 16-year-old fur baby. She has been our mascot since she was rescued in 2007 and has brought a feeling of “home” to our store.  Nowadays, she is most often found at home napping away.